E muzica aceasta creştină? (7)

Nu de mult timp mă întrebam dacă Steve Miller, autorul cărţii Muzica creştină contemporană, un compromis cu lumea sau un factor inovator?, ar legitima şi Vengeance Rising sau ceva asemănător.

I-am scris lui Steve Miller şi, cu amabilitate, mi-a răspuns. Acesta este răspunsul pe care-l public cu acordul său:

As you know from my book, I don’t feel any style is evil in itself, so I probably wouldn’t have any problem with a Christian band playing their style. One of my sons likes heavier metal styles. To him, other styles appear very wimpy. I don’t want Christianity to seem wimpy to him, so I like to find bands trying to glorify God in a style he relates to.

I think some of the main issues in Christian music are:

1) Are the hearts of the musician in the right place?

2) Are they sound in their lyrics?

3) Are they playing to the right audiences – those for whom their style is a match. „become all things to all men.”

There was controversy about Vengeance Rising’s violent graphics, and I suppose there should be limits there, especially if one is appealing to a younger audience.

Sad that the leader fell away and turned to the dark side, but alas, it happens to some pastors as well.


E muzica aceasta creştină? (2) (INTERZIS COPIILOR ÎN CREDINŢĂ!!!)

Oare Steve Miller, autorul cărţii Muzica creştină contemporană, un compromis cu lumea sau un factor inovator? ar legitima şi asta?

Apropo, aţi crezut că nu se putea mai rău decît The band with no name??? V-aţi înşelat! Iată dovada:

Dacă nu înţelegeţi cuvintele (deşi ar trebui, nu?), le aveţi aici:

Follow Me, let the dead bury their own dead
Have not fear, I Am here, this is what He said
When He had come unto the other side
They cried out, gripped in fear knowing the time line

Swept away, by the terror that a man should have
Learn from demon forces this lesson and
You will be, if you see, one among the wise
In the age, we are in just before the time

When I say „see” I mean to change
Based on the facts, you re-arrange
Just what you do, who for, and why
Learn from the pig’s before the time

The demons recognized Jesus on sight
They screamed in fear and shook in fright
Confused in their madness, it’s pigs they choose
The snakes of confusion, ala Lucifuge

Here is why you should change, and not delay
Check it out, they understood the whole thing
Torment is for the ones who reject God’s sign
The resurrection, and for the lie

You’ve got the time to make the change
That is, you’ve got right now today
To live and serve, the Holy King
You do not know what a day may bring

The time is coming, there’ll be no delays
God has stretched out His hand that you might be saved
No reason is good enough to wait
Repent to God, don’t hesitate!

The torment is coming, just a matter of dying
The peace in Christ’s here and I’m not lying
Salvation God offers and you can’t pay a dime
That’s the gig, this is it, but there’s one more line
The time is coming

Iată şi teologia lui Roger Martinez, teologia de la acea vreme, pentru că înţeleg că după aceea a trecut la satanism şi apoi la ateism: