E muzica aceasta creştină? (10)

Trebuia sa postez asta cu ceva timp în urmă, dar nu mi-am prea făcut timp pentru lucrul acesta. Acum am prins momentul.

L-am întrebat pe Steve Miller dacă, atunci cînd susţine că niciun stil de muzică nu este rău în sine şi că fiecare trebuie să asculte genul de muzică pe care-l agreează, se referă la evanghelizare sau la părtăşia bisericii. De asemenea, l-am întrebat ce muzică ar trebui să cînte acea biserică în care cîţiva iubitori de trash metal s-ar pocăi. Iată răspunsul pe care l-am primit şi pe care, din nou, îl public cu acordul autorului. Apropo, cu privire la lucrurile acestea, eu mi-am spus părerea în articolele trecute. Judecaţi voi dacă ce urmează este corect sau nu.

These issues are complex, so it’s hard to give dogmatic answers that would apply in every situation. I do think that one of our challenges as ministers is that we tend to assume that the way we hear music is the way everyone hears music. Some who hear the beauty of classical music tend to think that’s the kind of music the church should use. They relate to it; it moves them emotionally to love God; they assume that anyone with an open mind and heart would be moved in the same way.

But I think that the history of church music shows that what profoundly impacts one generation might turn off the next generation. Or, what might profoundly impact one subgroup may do nothing for another subgroup. But it’s extremely difficult to understand that what’s beautiful to me may be ugly to another; what may move my heart to the throne of God could be a turn-off to another. We can see this cross culturally, when, for example, a culture with a very different type of music worships in a way that is very irritating to those outside the culture.

So I think that to truly „become all things to all men” in our music, we need to talk diligently to those in certain target groups, to ask those who are into thrash metal, „what do you hear when you hear this music?” „Do you think it’s an appropriate to share the gospel and spiritual truth?” „When you hear church music, what do you hear and how does it make your feel? Does it communicate to you and help you communicate with God.”

Often the answers are surprising, since people differ so much. I know one strong believer who loves to bring in various modern styles of Christian music (some are pretty hard core) for youth events. He also relates to those styles. But when he goes to church on Sunday, he prefers to worship to old traditional hymns, sung in their traditional arrangements. So I don’t think we can assume that people who like thrash metal might prefer a thrash metal Sunday service. Perhaps they think it’s lively and can communicate good messages at an evangelistic event, but doesn’t help them to truly praise God at a worship service.

Even many churches that incorporate „contemporary” styles in their worship may be doing it, in my opinion, for the wrong reasons. Perhaps the pastor worships well to these styles and assumes that everyone who loves God should relate to these forms as well. I’d feel much more comfortable if the pastor talked to members of his congregation to find out, „which of these songs and styles help you to worship most effectively?” He may well find that although he prefers contemporary styles, his congregation worships better to older styles.

So these issues are often complex, and require us to come before God in humility and ask Him for direction. I certainly don’t have it all figured out, but I continue to seek His face when making these decisions.